Be Healthy in 2021 - What the Bleep is Going On?

Are you ready to be healthier in 2021???  Are you asking What the bleep is going on with all the toxins out there and What can you do about it??

Its never too late to start making small changes to your health and reap the benefits....I've been adding healthier and safer options over the past few years and will continue to make more changes for my health and my families health this year!!! If your looking for ways to feel your best this year and learn more about toxins all around us and how they are affecting you then check out this link.

I realize this may be a lot to take in all at once so here is a summary of the most effective changes you can make, if you can just choose 1 or more to get started on your health journey....

Summary: Top Five Detoxification Actions

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or resistant to change, consider getting started with one of the top five actions below. 

  1. Eat organic food — especially animal products — to minimize your exposure to pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones.
  2. Eat more fiber to both bind and remove toxicants from your body. To keep things moving, don’t forget to increase your water intake.
  3. Use filtered water for drinking and showering to avoid fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals.
  4. Use a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) vacuum to remove ultrafine toxic particles from carpets and floors.
  5. Use chemical-free home and body care products to avoid plasticizers and other hormone disruptors.

Happy New Year & New You in 2021!!!  Let's do this together!!!