Girl Wash Your Face

The Girl Wash Your Face Book by Rachel Hollis, New York Times Bestseller has encouraged me to grow as a business owner and a women entrepreneur.  Its purpose is for all women to Stop Believing the lies about who you are, So you can become who you were meant to be…its simply inspirational, shockingly honest and hilariously down to earth.  I want to share just a few of my takeaways from reading this book, I’ve actually read it twice in the last 3 months, its just that good!  My Takeaway: I will wake up every day and work to become a better version of myself, the most fundamental thing a woman needs to do before she can take care of anyone else, is take care of herself, and Your dream is worth fighting for!!! If you know me well, then you know my passion is to encourage women to be unique, know you are beautiful, and choose to be happy, grateful and fulfilled in all you do and thats why I highly suggest this book for 2019!