The Coolest Hair Trends for Fall 2019 --- Taking Over Instagram!!!

The Coolest Hair Trends for Fall 2019

These are some of the hair trends taking over Instagram!!!

Hair is still riding the throwback train for fall 2019. The '80s and '90s have influenced everything from the style on ponytail to the accessories and where you place them. But there are also less bold trends to try this season—unfussy tendrils, low buns, and a fresh take on curls. Ahead, the biggest hair trends for fall 2019 straight from the runways and Instagram.

Fall Hair Trends Braids Hair styles for Fall 2019

If it's been a minute since you wore braids, now's the time to start again. Whether subtle and bohemian like Margot Robbie—braids are the versatile style to wear no matter your hair type, texture, or skill level. After all, braids are a classic that never go out of style.

Fall 2019 Hair Trends Euphoria Hair styles rhinestones, glitter, sparkle, beads

You've heard of Euphoria makeup—that is, the bold and shiny makeup inspired by the hit HBO show—but now it's time for Euphoria hair. Don't be afraid to get crafty this season with rhinestones and gems like Kerry Washington or colorful extensions.

Fall 2019 Hair Trends overload on hair accessories, barrettes, bobby pins, bling clips, gemstones gucci, channel.

It was Gabrielle Chanel who once advised something along the lines of "take one accessory off before you leave the house." Don't just ignore that advice for hair accessories this season—do the opposite. Add ten more sparkly baubles, clips, and pins to your hair before you head out the door. The more, the better.

Fall 2019 Hair Trends Accessory overload, bling hair pins, bobby pins, garden accessories, dragonfly, channel, gold hair styles

Gather all your golden hair accessories and style them across a low ponytail for a look guaranteed to break the ice.

Bottom line, have fun with your hair style and fashion this Fall! Our hair style is an extension of your outfit, so find what makes you feel your best and show it off!!!

Pics: courtesy of Harper Bazaar