Welcome Summer: Top 5 Ideas for Enjoying Your Vacation “Unplugged”

Welcome Summer: Top 5 Ideas for Enjoying Your Vacation “Unplugged”

For all the talk about teenagers needing to “unplug,” sometimes adults have a hard time putting down the electronics, too. That’s why summer is the perfect opportunity to step away from the screens and “get connected” to other things.

The warm weather and time off of school allows you to go outside with the kids and experience nature, or gives you an excuse to lounge around inside together, enjoying air-conditioned activities. There’s plenty to do, so enjoy some of the ideas on this list while keeping your phone in your pocket.

Set up a Puzzle Table

Back at home, set up a family puzzle table in a common area. Choose a puzzle that everyone can work on as they pass by throughout the day. You may want to make it more challenging by setting goals, such as having the puzzle finished by the end of the week, or attempting to complete a certain number of puzzles by the end of the summer. Up the excitement and competition by awarding a prize to the person who places the last piece.

Host a Game Night

When the mosquitoes start to bother you, bring the party back inside with a family game night. If you have a wide age-range, begin the evening with kid-friendly snacks and games that have easy gameplay. After the early-bedtime crowd has been tucked in, it’s time to pull out Risk or Settlers of Catan. And even though the weather may be sweltering, it can still be fun to sip hot drinks in the evening. Take the time to try a new recipe for a fancy hot chocolate or European coffee to set a festive atmosphere

Ride a Bike

Spend the entire morning exploring close to home or find a trail to take a stroll on.  Then, if you feel adventurous, cycle to a nearby restaurant with the kids and grab some lunch. 

Stop By the Library

In the afternoon, drop by the library for an impromptu escape from the summer heat. Spontaneous visits are always welcome, but planning ahead is a good idea, too. Checking out the schedule in advance allows you to grab a spot in your favorite summer programs.

Play Outside

Set up a sprinkler on those hot summer days to cool off!  Learn a new talent like: hula hooping, jump rope or mini golf.  Families that play together, stay together!!!